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Learn everything about Pay Per Click

Sep 14 2018 admin

Anyone who has used Google or any other search engine has encountered pay-per-click or PPC advertising. They are the advertisements that appear on the side of one’s search results. Basically, PPC is an online advertising medium where advertisers can show their ads when people enter a relevant query into the search engine. As the advertiser is only charged when the user clicks the ad, that is where the name pay-per-click comes from. It is also known as keyword advertising due to the role of keywords play in it. While the best place to learn about more about the subject is by enrolling for a PPC course, here’s a quick look into what PPC entails and how it helps businesses.

PPC uses an entirely automated system known as the Ad Auction to determine if the ad is relevant and valid for their pages. This means that businesses have to bid on the terms or keywords they wish to “trigger” or show their ads. For example, a sofa manufacturer may bid on keywords such as, “best sofas”, “best sofas near me” or “best sofa in the city”. As soon as the user enters any of these terms on the search engine, it performs the complex algorithms of the Ad Auction to display the most relevant ads, in this case, the sofa manufacturer.

Some of the main benefits businesses can derive from PPC are:
Measurable and fast results: PPC one of the fastest way to run an ad campaign. It requires no significant infrastructural investment. A company can simply create an AdWords account and run their ads. PPC’s instantaneous results mean businesses can measure anything related to their campaigns such as ROI, views, clicks, visits and much more.

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