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It’s High time marketer’s needs to Upgrade to Digital! Why?

Feb 19 2019 admin

Digital marketing courses

Social media has gone from being the new and innovative way to market to a crucial tool in a marketer’s arsenal. It is no longer OK for a brand to not have a digital marketing strategy. Still not convinced? Here are some reasons why you should include digital marketing as an important part of your marketing strategy or at least sign up for digital marketing courses.


Reach out to your audience where they are: A vast majority of people are online for the better part of the day. From Google to social media, people spend approximately 2 hours each day online, more so if they are in the younger demographic. Ignoring these statistics is a folly that a digital marketer should not commit. Reaching your audience where they are and at their most comfortable gets your message heard.

Levels the playing field: Are you a small niche business? Then digital marketing is THE way to go! Unlike traditional marketing where you have to undertake a significant amount of expenses to reach your audience and compete with other marketers with bigger budgets, with digital marketing you can reach out to the right target audience and spend significantly less.

Helps you target better: Consider traditional media. If your target audience consists of 20-30-year-olds living in Chennai, you will have to put out your message to the entire city of Chennai for your message to be picked up. With digital media, you can target your message to reach just your target audience. This means that you won’t have to waste your precious marketing budget. Digital marketing allows you to hyper-focus on your target audience while modifying ads to reach out to different demographics.

Gives better analytics: Instead of waiting for ages to see the results of your ad campaign or gain vague ideas about who saw your ad, digital media offers real-time data and analysis. As soon as your digital campaign goes live you can figure out how many users saw your ad, interacted with it, liked it, clicked on it to go to your website, shared it or even bought or subscribed to your product or service. This will help you tweak your ad campaigns in real time.

Higher ROIs: Every dollar spent on email marketing gets a digital marketer $38 dollars in revenue. That’s an astounding 3800% return! Enough to make you consider undertaking digital marketing courses! According to studies, leads gained through digital media are 7 times more likely to convert into sales. This means a company can spend less and still get exceptional results. This is a boon for small businesses or companies who are just starting out in digital marketing.


As we can see, digital media is a boon for marketers looking for a cheap, effective method to get their message out. So don’t waste time! Start creating your digital marketing strategies right away!