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Is the Indian entertainment industry heading towards a digital future?

Nov 18 2018 admin

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Most of the present generation can vaguely remember a time when films were available only in movie theatres or in poor quality VHS tapes which would take 6-8 months to come on the market. The theatres themselves were run down and required hours of patient queueing to book tickets for a particularly good movie. Compare that to now where the latest movies appear on the streaming platforms mere months after their release and that too in high definition. Not only that, even our movie theatres have changed with multiplexes coming up in nearly all focal localities. Booking takes minutes and is usually done online. All this has put the entertainment industry in the grip of a digital revolution which is changing the way the industry functions.

Cheap internet plans and smartphones mean that more and more Indians are consuming their media online. In fact, T-Series is rapidly on its way to becoming the most subscribed channel on YouTube. When earlier the content was only created for the urban Indian, content creators are now taking those from small towns into account while creating new content. This is one of the biggest shifts being seen in the entertainment industry today. The Indian media and entertainment showed an impressive 11.61% CAGR growth between 2011 and 2016 and is expected to grow at 13.9% to touch $62.2 billion in 2025. The biggest winner in this entire scenario is the digital medium.

Not just streaming, film marketing has also gone online. Instead of flocking to theatres to watch the latest trailers, people now simply go to YouTube and watch them in HD from the comfort of their own home. And it is also hard to overlook the social media promotions of films and new TV shows. Celebrities now make appearances on online shows and even guest star on influencer channels. In fact, most of them now have dedicated social media pages where they promote their movies while reaching out to their fans at the same time. All this requires well planned digital marketing campaigns that can be learned by signing up for digital marketing certificate programs.

With YouTube hoping to grow its user base in India to 500 million and the entry of Prime Video and Netflix and even homegrown streaming options like Hotstar, digital is set to be the new normal for entertainment. This creates a huge career avenue for those who wish to go into digital marketing after undergoing digital marketing certificate programs. The industry, young, fun and rapidly evolving, the perfect place for young freshers looking to forge their career. The rapid shifts in consumer behaviour have only made the digital space more exciting than ever.