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Instagram Features for Users & Marketing Experts!

Feb 19 2019 admin

social media marketing

With Instagram poised to overtake Facebook in active user numbers, digital marketers are rapidly waking up to the potential of the photo-sharing app. Which is great as Instagram has a more engaged audience that sees over 95 million photos and video getting over 4.2 billion likes a day. So what tips and tricks should you, as a social media marketing expert should keep in mind while taking on Instagram? Let’s take a look!

Filters: If there is anything as quintessentially Instagram, it is its filters. With over 40 different types of filters available, companies are free to pick and choose the ones best suited for their brand aesthetic. However, care must be taken to ensure that the filter use is consistent and in-line with the brand aesthetic.

Go gung-ho for video: Anyone familiar with Instagram knows about their 60-second video posts. These videos can be tagged, filtered and captioned before posting and are a great way to generate engagement. In fact, Insta videos see a higher rate of engagement than photo posts. Companies can undertake live videos that add to transparency and authenticity of their brands. They can rope in influencers to take over the account and do live streams that go behind-the-scenes and give the followers an undiluted look at the brand and its goings-on. For those who wish to take the longer video route, Instagram offers IGTV, an app within the app gives users the ability to upload videos that are up to an hour long. This is a crucial part of any marketing strategy as video now makes up to 80% of all marketing.

Tell your story: Insta stories have been so well integrated into the app that they have beaten Snapchat, the originator of the stories feature, at their own game. Insta stories allow brands to upload photos, gifs or 15-second videos that can be viewed as many times as the viewer wants for 24 hours after which the story “vanishes”. These appear as little circles above the viewer’s feed. The brand can choose to showcase important or particularly engaging stories on their profile page. Stories allow brands to easily track their viewers and the total number of views.

Push those notifications: As a social media marketing maven, one may need to get notified about the accounts that one follows for various purposes but did you know that encouraging your followers to enable push notifications for your account can be beneficial too? Studies show a 3X higher engagement rate from those followers who have enabled push notifications as compared to those who haven’t. Call to action statements are particularly useful in such cases to gain the attention of one’s followers.