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Here’s Why You Should Choose Digital Marketing Over An MBA

Apr 05 2019 admin

digital marketing certificate

Digital marketing as a career is still taking off in India. Many freshers wonder if it can truly be counted as a career and their parents wonder if said career is lucrative enough for their child. But the biggest question students opting for a digital marketing career face is wondering if an MBA was the right option for them. While the traditional route of opting for an MBA is a decent alternative, there are many benefits to opting for a digital marketing career over an MBA.

Getting an MBA requires at least 3 years of your time. 2 years of MBA plus one year of planning, studying, giving exams, appearing for interviews and more. Even there is no guarantee that one will get into the MBA course of their dreams. What you gain from it is a degree which is worth only if the college or university you have studied from is a well-known one. Add the high fees and possible student loans, and you may end up earning just as much as a digital marketer, with additional financial burdens to boot. With a digital marketing certificate, you can save those years and while earning just as much as someone with an MBA degree, with zero to low financial burdens.

That is not all, with an MBA, one is more or less tied to one’s desk from 9 to 5 and if it is a sales role, then hours in the field or travelling. For those who have received a digital marketing certificate, there is no need to stuck at one’s desk. Some companies may require their employees to go to the office and work from there, but a growing number have no issues with those working from home. Saves on the commute costs and stress while leaving you free to pursue your own thing in the time saved. With digital marketing, there are no requirements on how you do your job as long as you do it well and meet your deadlines. It is a great option for those who are organised and responsible and can do their work without being nagged or followed up with.

The path from MBA to entrepreneur is long and costly. There are capital expenses, rent, product or service development and much more. The path from digital marketer to digital marketing entrepreneur is a much easier one. There is no physical location to invest in, one can work from home or from a cafe, the earning scope is high and there are no employee costs in the beginning.

If you are responsible, hardworking and are self-motivated, then digital marketing is the career path for you.