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Harness the Power of Content Marketing for Your Business

May 16 2019 admin

Content marketing strategy

Any business investing in digital marketing will undoubtedly ask themselves what content will work for their target audience and what should be shared on their brand new social media and website pages. This highlights the importance of content marketing like nothing else. But what is content marketing exactly? The act of engaging potential and current customers by speaking about what matters to them is what content marketing is all about. It is not your standard marketing or sales spiel, it is a process of sharing content that is truly useful to your target audience and thus winning their interest. Bonus: if your content is truly good, it can also help in optimising your website for search engines too. So what do we mean by content? Could be anything really, articles, newsletters, websites, digital media etc.

A good content marketing plan is valuable, regular and relevant.
– Valuable: It should be of worth your audience’s time and effort.
– Regular: Weekly, bi-weekly, daily or something else. Your content should follow a set pattern and timetable.
– Relevant: Your content should be of interest to your customer.

Ask yourself what your customer will gain from engaging with your content and rework it till your plan provides the right answer. The next question you should ask yourself is what do I  or my brand want from this content? Is it sales, improved brand identity? Rework your plan until it yields your desired results. Research relevant keywords that your target audience uses and utilise them to target your audience by tailoring the content to their needs.

Promoting your content is the next step in making your content marketing plan successful. Improve your reach by utilising Facebook ads and sponsored posts, keep your website and social media pages updated and consistent. Tie up with a social media influencer to promote your products and services. These not only maximise your reach but also humanise your brand, making it more relatable and approachable.

Next up is growing your audience: Respecting your audience is the key to this step. Ensure only content that passes the valuable and relevant test is shared. Listen and engage with their conversations online to create an advocate community for your brand. Interacting and engaging with your audience especially the ones who have had a bad experience with your brand is key to building strong and two-way relationships with your customers. Humanise your brand by showcasing the people behind it.

Content marketing may seem overwhelming at first, but once you have decided on the social media platform that you are most comfortable with and found the right approach to targeting your audience, then it shouldn’t be too difficult. The key is to keep the communication as authentic to your brand as possible.