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Challenges as a fresher in the Digital Marketing career space?

Oct 15 2018 admin

digital media marketing certificate

As digital marketing rapidly overtakes traditional marketing, the time is ripe to take a jumpstart into the industry. The young and evolving industry is especially a major draw for freshers at the start of their careers. However, as with any job, digital marketing too comes with its own challenges. Let’s take a look at what challenges you as a fresher can face in digital marketing.

Being out of touch of important concepts: Digital marketing is an evolving field and it requires people pursuing it to be continually on top of the trends. For example, Google algorithms change frequently and even the most well-planned SEO campaign can fall flat if this is not taken into account. Digital marketers have to balance the latest trends with the client’s needs to create a campaign that is relevant to both the audience and the client. Which is why starting off your career with a digital media marketing certificate is an exceptionally good idea.

Hours are long: As with working in any creative field, the hours can be longer than the average 9 to 5. The deadlines can also be shorter, thus forcing the fresher to churn out a greater amount of work in a shorter period of time. This can take some adjusting to, especially for those who are used to set office hours.

Lack of creativity: This is mainly relevant for freshers starting out in agencies as they are often told what to do with detailed directions on how to carry out their work. While this helps the fresher understand the agency approach and strategies, it can curb their own creativity in the process.

No interaction with clients: Again a side effect of working in an agency. Freshers in an agency are not likely to meet the client face to face. This means that they have to take their superior’s word or directions as to what the client wants at face value and work from there.

It is still a growing market: The relative freshness of digital marketing means that clients may not be completely aware of what exactly they want from their digital media campaign. This can result in a lot of back and forth that takes up time and energy.

That is not to say that a digital marketing career only has challenges. Working on new and exciting campaigns and watching them succeed is an exhilarating experience. If you are dreaming of a career in digital marketing after your graduation, a digital media marketing certificate course is the right place to start. You will not only be exposed to the best practices of the industry but also gain the tools and techniques to succeed. Signing up for a digital marketing course can also help you combat the challenges of your career a little more easily.