PGPDM 2017-18

Post Graduate Program in Digital Marketing

The Post Graduate Program in Digital Marketing (PGPDM) is a one-year, full-time program that focuses on the strategic and practical aspects of Digital Marketing. Exclusively developed by practicing Digital Marketing professionals, this program is particularly suitable for those who are interested in a career in marketing or digital media. The program is also suitable for marketers who wish to develop a deeper understanding of the tools and techniques of Digital Marketing and communications.The program Faculty, Trainers, Advisors and mentors are all experienced Practitioners in their respective fields. Most of them are working at the cutting edge of developments in this rapidly advancing field. Through this program, they will share with you the very best practices and latest innovations in Marketing & Communication. Emphasis throughout the course is on providing you with an engaging & practical learning experience.The program has involvement of some of the biggest & best names in the industry thereby guaranteeing excellent networking opportunities as well as exposure. Education in this program is not just academic in nature, it involves taking the students at the heart of the industry and immersing them into it. With industry visits, access to industry tools (like Simplify 360, MediaMind etc.), invitations to industry events and the student mentorship program, students will be ready to join the industry with confidence.

Duration: One year, full time.
Location: Mumbai

Digital Marketing in India – a Whitepaper



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